About Us

As a career artist couple, we feel privileged to make our living from our art. But we couldn’t do it without people like you, who take pleasure in seeking out art that speaks to you. Our artwork can't tell you everything about us, though, so here are a few brief notes...

Studio Ten XIII, Inc. is named for the thirteenth day of October, 1993 when we first met for a walk in Portland’s magnificent Forest Park. We started making art together then, and hope we never have to stop.

Jackie's passion for clay—and her willingness to unflinchingly examine all aspects of life—find expression in the movement, energy, intimacy, spontaneity and power of her ceramic sculpture. Her more recent addition of 2-d work continues in this vein.

Steve has applied his love of form, curves, light and volume across several media: sculptural lamps, bas relief ceramic tiles, cast editions, and large-scale ceramic sculpture (click here).

Together we established Fine Art Tileworks™ in 1995 and it grew rapidly. In 2000 we licensed out our tile designs on a royalty basis until 2008 when we took over full control of the line once again. We have dozens of wonderful dealers who display our handmade tiles all over the country.

To any young artists out there who might be reading this, we highly recommend the sometimes crazy, unpredictable life of pursuing your art. Keep your expenses low, your skin thick, and your savings account healthy. You will be rewarded with a life of relative freedom, independence from the so-called culture around you, time and motivation for introspection, and the feeling of truly "living" instead of just existing between commutes. Your life is yours—live it on your terms.

We welcome comments, suggestions, your reactions to our artwork, or questions you may have. Please participate with us in this artistic process of which you are a most vital part.

Steve Eichenberger & Jacquline Hurlbert
Directors, Studio Ten XIII, Inc.
Founders, Fine Art Tileworks™